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CMA Dishmachines

About This Manufacturer

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CMA’s Mission is to provide customers with the highest quality products and service, while always delivering more than is promised and more than the customer expects. CMA is committed to the design, engineering and manufacturing of high quality equipment, producing sparkling clean and sanitized dishes and glassware, assuring excellent results and years of trouble-free operation.
In the early 1970’s, “CMA Dishmachines” began actively pioneering its’concepts in full service “Low Energy” Glass and Warewashing equipment.  In the beginning, CMA designed and manufactured dishwashers under thetrademark name of “Energy Mizer”,which provided “Full Service Warewashing” to the foodservice industry through a Network of Chemical Distributors.  Today CMA produces both High-temperature and Low-temperature chemical sanitizing Dishmachines, Glasswashers and Warewashing equipment in their factory located in Garden Grove, California.

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