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About This Manufacturer

AMCO Mechanical Refrigeration Systems


AMCO Mechanical Refrigeration SystemsAMCO Mechanical

Inform Marketing Group proudly represents AMCO Mechanical.

AMCO’s track record since 1997 has been one of controlled, steady growth in the manufacturing, service and installation of world class systems for California’s leaders of the Beverage, Cold Storage, Super Market, Hospitality and Food Process Industries relying on quality refrigeration systems.

With over 30 years of experience in these Industries AMCO made the decision to start a manufacturing division. Finally in 2005 the first AMCO rack and coils left the building and were delivered to customer. Only the highest quality and most energy efficient parts are used in the manufacturing of our equipment; which can result in a 25-30% savings in energy costs compared to other leading industry equipment.

Passion and commitment make it possible to realize even the most ambitious dreams. We believe in customer satisfaction, technological development and the value of quality.

Our objective is to supply products and services that have unmistakable technological value and that contribute to improving the work and life of those who choose them. We acknowledge the human and professional value of the people who work with us. We believe in honesty, trust, cooperation and mutual respect.

Having a winning combination of high quality products and high quality people will allow us to continue to research and develop innovative products into the future. (website)